Salvation Army’s Fairview Citadel


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Captain Brent Haas, pastor at the Salvation Army’s Fairview Citadel. He showed me around the building at 50 Gesner Street which serves as both a church and community centre.

Last year the centre distributed Christmas gifts and packages to almost 600 families in the area, of all faiths and walks of life. Throughout the year staff and volunteers provide ESL classes and assistance with heating bills, school lunches and immigration issues.

Captain Haas

There is also a community run food bank every Tuesday, either by drop in or home delivery.

Captain Haas told me the centre has been especially busy the last few months because of Covid-19 and he anticipates the needs will grow this winter if emergency income supports come to an end.

I am for more liveable communities, and the people who make them more liveable.

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