Keshen Goodman Library Reno


While talking to residents yesterday, I met one of our wonderful Halifax librarians. She usually works downtown but also fills in at Keshen Goodman Library which serves District 10.

Keshen Goodman

She told me Keshen needs a reno, which I’ve heard from many others. I’ve loved Keshen Goodman ever since taking my daughter there for “Babies First Books”. Keshen is a great library, but it’s much more: it’s a community hub that provides services for new Canadians, ESL and computer literacy classes, seniors programs, a place for Halifax West students to study, and on and on.

It opened in 2001, and now needs more space, however a planned expansion was postponed last spring. District 10 and surrounding areas are some of the fastest growing parts of HRM, and I support the local library growing with them.

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