How to Decide on a Candidate


With electronic voting set to begin on Tuesday, it’s decision time for voters. And with so many candidates running, District 10 voters have a lot to consider! As a former reporter, I’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates–successful and unsuccessful. In my view, the most important thing to know about a candidate in order to predict how they will serve in the job is this: What they have done in the past? Do they have relevant education? Do they have previous work experience that is related to the role? Can they listen, understand and connect with a wide range of people?

I am running because I want to make a positive difference in our community and in our city. I want to make HRM more liveable, more affordable and more sustainable–and all-round better for people. I am also running because I believe I have the knowledge and professional experience to be a capable representative for District 10. My background in short: two degrees, one in journalism and the other a 4-year design degree in environmental planning (including courses in urban planning); 15 years with CBC Halifax, a dozen of those years as a TV news reporter; assistant to the NS Ministers of Finance and Health (2009-13); and four years working in conservation with the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

I have been clear about my background and the professional skills I would bring to council. Other candidates have been less forthcoming. I have knocked on 3500 doors in District 10 and listened. I would represent the whole district, not just my neighbourhood. I have worked 40-60 hours a week on my campaign (and in most of my previous jobs) and those are the hours I would work as your councillor.

I am running independently of any political party.I have lived in District 10 most of my life and am raising my daughter here, so I know this community and care about its future.

HRM and District 10 are going through rapid growth and change–and whether it’s recovering from COVID, or questions about policing, or the need for affordable housing, or the planned developments at Kearney Lake, MSVU,and Dutch Village Road. It will be critical to have the right person to represent the people of this area. If you are looking for a caring councillor who has the background to handle the complexity of the job, I’m your candidate.

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