Kathryn Morse

Councillor District 10

Halifax-Bedford Basin West, Fairview, Clayton Park, Rockingham

Kathryn Morse

Healthy values

I value diverse and inclusive neighbourhoods, a healthy environment, and a thriving local economy.  District 10 is one of the fastest growing areas of the city.  This growth has brought benefits and improvements, but also some disadvantages such as:

  • rents and house prices are increasing, and for some, housing is becoming unaffordable
  • traffic congestion is a daily frustration for many commuters, and in some areas, a safety issue
  • neighbourhoods are getting denser without enough access to greenspace

Along with these challenges, Covid-19 has created additional challenges.  It’s time to rethink, adapt, and build back better.  

Working for you

As your councillor I will work for a more liveable, affordable, and sustainable HRM.  For District 10 that means I will support initiatives that promote:

  • More affordable housing options
  • Safer, more pedestrian-friendly and bike-friendly streets
  • More green space—for physical and mental health
  • More collaboration with community partners and stakeholders
  • More efficient public transit with increased ridership
  • Improvements to the Bedford Highway and Dutch Village Road
  • Improvements to facilities that connect our communities, such as Centennial Arena and Keshen Goodman Library
  • More protection for our lakes, forests and natural assets, such as nearby Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area
  • Better adaptation for climate change, through the HalifACT plan

I’d like to connect with you about these issues and your concerns. 
Please email me at kathryn.morse@halifax.ca or contact me through the form below.

Kathryn Morse, Councillor District 10
Halifax-Bedford Basin West
Representing Fairview, Clayton Park, Rockingham and Kearney Lake
Email: kathryn.morse@halifax.ca
Office: 902.490.7184
Cell: 902.497.7278

Kathryn Morse - Councillor District 10

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